EduObs tutorial

English version of éduObs  is now online! Here is a tutorial to help you to become familiar with our directory.

1- Join the directory

Reply to an invitation…


You have been invited to join éduObs and you have followed the link to complete your profile: here you are on a page containing your email address and where you are asked to choose your password. Write down both carefully, as you will need them when you come back to complete or update your profile!

… and log in

Already registered, you now want to complete or modify your profile: fill your email address and password in the top black banner of the site… or click “forgot password” if you want to reset it and get a new one.





2- Fill your profile

Once registered, you’re invited to fill your profile. It is divided into several parts.

To proceed from one part to another, you have to save or close the ongoing one. One easily forgets to do so after having filled some fields..



To submit your profile, some fields are compulsory (professional address, position, affiliation, category, keywords and authorization), others are not. Don’t panic in case of mistake: you will be able to edit your profile any time as soon as it is validated and displayed.

At the top of your profile, two modes are available : “edit” and “see”.You can switch from one to the other to check what your profile looks like and edit it.


3- Validate your profile


Make sure you filled all the mandatory fields and boxes, especially the one at the bottom that authorizes to put your profile on line.

Don’t forget the last step! Go to the top right of the page and click on the green button “validation required”.



Be careful: the green button might be hidden depending on your monitor or screen display (small size, pads…). Until we solve the problem, we advise you to temporary change the size of displaying (zooming back, 80%…) to display the button

Reminder: there is a Frequently Asked Questions section with more detailed information on éduObs directory (contents, sign up, signing in, publishing, autofilling, updating…).

We look forward to seeing you on éduObs !