The Dossier de veille’s little sister…in English

Cet article est en anglais – Lire ici le billet en français consacré à la publication du premier Edubref en 2018.

People often ask us if we could write a Dossier de veille – our series of long-form narrative litterature reviews – in a shorter, more condensed form. Indeed, most of you (of many of us, too!) usually don’t have time to read 25 to 40 pages, fascinating though they may be, about every interesting subject on educational issues.

That’s why we, the Veille & Analyses team, are launching another series in our family of EduSomething (including EduVeille, EduObs, EduPass, etc.): Edubref

Edubref is a compact version of the “Dossier de veille” and presents, on four pages, the essentials to get started  on a particular issue in education and in education research. Our readers, if the subject appeals to them, can then go further with the Dossier on the same topic. We also aim to support teachers’ trainers tackle complicated subjects with their students and to provide them with bibliographical references to engage further with the issue. The Edubref are published both in French and English, allowing us to  offer an English adaptation of our work to  readers who are not (yet) fluent in French.

There are currently six Edubref : The first Edubref adresses the question of curricula and educational content, the second Edubref focuses on the issue of student support systems: support, remediation, personalized help, support for students in difficulty, etc.. The third one is dedicated to the main reforms that have shaped the history and development of French universities over the past 50 years. The fourth Edubref is about collaborative work between teachers, The fifth Edubref presents some historical and conceptual references on the notion of inclusive school, in parallel with the Dossier de veille 127 Learning (in) Inclusive Schools, and the sixth Edubref focuses on how to implement projects that foster learning in schools.

I hope you will enjoy reading and sharing this smaller format as much as we enjoyed creating it!

Download Edubref (EN) : Where does school curriculum come from ?

Download Edubref (EN) : How should we support student’s learning ?

Download Edubref (EN) : 1968 – 2018: 50 years of university reforms

Download Edubref (EN) : Working together to teach better

Download Edubref (EN) : The origins of inclusive education

Download Edubref (EN) : Projects at school: what conditions foster learning ?

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